Monday, 29 June 2009

Paint, Paint, Paint then Paint some more!

Damn and blast! I forgot my camera this week. Not to worry I didn't really do anything that can't be explained with words.
Over the past few days working in the house I have removed and burnt all of the Skirting boards and door surrounds. This was done with a claw hammer and a crowbar, the skirting was fixed to large wooden wedges which are built into the wall. Nice Idea but afterremoving the skirting some of these wedges pulled free of the wall and I now suspect I have a mouse living in one of the holes that are left. Each morning there is a fresh batch of cavity wall insulation scattered on the floor in front of the hole. Now either it's a mouse or I have weird drafts running through my cavity which spit out bits of insulation over night. I have no idea what the mouse is living on as there is no food in the house but I'll have the little bugggers head off next time I'm down there.
Anyway.......Skirting and door surrounds removed then all of the walls were filled with poly filla and with new plaster where necessary (this is still not quite fininshed due to my terrible plaster mixing ability). Once the plaster had dried I have sanded each wall so a smoothe base is achieved (I used a Bosch rotary sander) next a water/PVA mix 5:1 was applied to the walls with a roller to seal in any lose dust or particles and left to dry before painting. Each of the rooms has had 3 coats of white paint and will get a final coat just before I reinstall the new skirting and doors.
Next job must be plumbing for the central heating. Gonna be messy as I think I'm going to channel the pipes along the bottom of my newly painted walls.

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