Sunday, 19 April 2009

This Weekend was busy, the plan was to level the floors in the 2 front bedrooms and the living room. The Kitchen and Dining room floors will be done after we knock out the dividing wall so that we get a nice even surface between rooms. We had to remove all of the skirting board throughout the house. Although it was still perfectly good we decided to remove it as we'll get a better result with the levelling compound. Unfortunately this rendered it useless and we will replace it with new throughout.

Our first attempt was a little frantic as we decided to mix 2 bags so that we could cover the whole floor in 1 go! Ooops! the instructions were a little on the frugal side when it came to adding water and the resulting mix was very thick and started to set almost imediatley. After much stressing and quite a lot of rolling the first room was done. The finish was far from level but it achieved the desired effect which was to seal in the nasty Asbestos Vinyl tiles for good. Later we mixed a much thinner solution and washed it over the worst bits so we now have a nice smooth finnish. See below.

The mix we finally decided was the best was nothing like the instructions. Wickes Latex Levelling Compound 25Kg bags state that they will cover upto 8 1/2m Sq. Mix thoroughly with 5 litres of water. That's a load of cobblers and we ended up with a mix of 1 x 25Kg bag to almost 7 litres water. This gave a liquid with a soupy consistancy which washed over the floor nicely and covered the desired area with very little waste.
We also tried to lay it with a blade but found that we got a far better finnish when we just rollered it on. We were glad to discover that it was much easier to wash out than we first thought and our tools only required a rinse with water to get any left over solution off.

Once the floors were laid we took a stroll in the garden to see exactly what we have there! I must say, it's rather nice at this time of year but requires alot of TLC before we can call it our own.

Our flowers are in full bloom and look fantastic around pond. They also distract your attention away from the Anderson Shelter which I plan to paint green at a later date.
The Tadpoles were loving a really nice Sunny afternoon. Unfortunately I forgot to put the pond cover back on when we left the house so they are probably getting eaten by the birds now. Oh well at least the birds won't be hungry.

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